Hosted by Dean Rotbart

NewsBios Founder & Executive Editor

Ray is a news visionary who sees an important shift underway in the manner that members of the public consume news. The lines between journalism and PR are have blurred. And the implications for journalists and communications executives are significant.

Hear Ray Discuss:

  • Why he's optimistic that skilled journalists will remain in demand, even as jobs at traditional news outlets shrink
  • How companies are successfully bypassing the newsroom and connecting directly with consumers
  • The failure of mainstream news organizations to put the needs of readers and viewers ahead of publishers and advertisers
  • What many companies still misunderstand about content marketing
  • Where most PR agencies still fail to understand journalists and consumers

About Raymond Hennessey 

  • Now: Chief Innovation Officer, JConnelly


  • Editorial Director, Entrepreneur Media
  • Director of Business News, Fox Business Network
  • Editor,
  • News Editor, Dow Jones & Co.
  • Managing Editor, A.M. Best